Foam Lance for Car Wash

If you are planning for a car wash business you need to have a plan first. You need to decide on the right set of machinery for your workshop. You also need to properly plan a layout of the workshop so that you won’t face any difficulties like water shortage or any other difficulties during operating on a vehicle. Because we all know that vehicle is a sophisticated piece of machinery and it requires intensive care.

Here are some of the latest technologies in car care machines which not only complement your workshop but also let you lead as an edge in the market. The modern times requirement make people to get shortage of time for to personally involve in their car washing. People are very busy in their daily routine life and cannot afford to spend too much time on car washing. Nowadays people demand a quick and efficient service that too at an affordable price. The automatic car washing machine allows you to serve your customers with a quality wash in a minimal time. With snow Foam for car care you can find exclusive range of products cover all the aspects wise to give your car at best servicing centre for the maintenance an automobile requires. Starting from automatic car washing machines to steam car wash machine or Snow foam for car care. The multi tasking vacuum cleaners helps you provide a perfect cleaning of the interiors of the vehicle and such other hard to reach parts.

Foam Lance for car wash designs a one stop solution in car wash complemented by grade machines, highly trained professionals and global car care products. Snow Foam for car care avails exclusive range of car care products includes some of the latest technology equipments like:

  • Steam jet car washing machine and wax system – It is a sophisticated steam car wash machine which takes utmost care of your energy and fuel consumption. By cleaning with 400cc water per minute and 200 watt power it provides a new finish to a vehicle without wasting water or energy. The best thing about it is, it can work nonstop all day long.
  • M’start automatic car wash machine system – This machine is developed for car washes with capacity above 1200 cars. it is an automated optimized car washing system which covers all the aspects of car washing. Who are looking for car washing business in the most profitable way this is the perfect machine for them.
  • Spray extraction – These spray extraction machines have revolutionized wet cleaning, dry cleaning, arm chair wash and floor wash.
  • Snow Foam for car care-A compact, powerful and manageable series of Snow Foam for car care machines of the 21st century which comes with a stronger service and car maintenance. The wide range of multipurpose snow foam is ideal for cleaning of car interiors, workshops, garages and outside areas.
  • Vacuum cleaner –The unique designs of these outstanding machines provide you with energy efficient and optimized performance due to enhanced suction power and versatility.

Foam Lance for car wash aims at providing 100% customer satisfaction. Whatever machine you are utilizing among the above list the main purpose should be to see your car with a high brand of shining look.