How Snow Foam lance Works in Its True Sense

People often think, does snow foam a worthy pre wash or is it no higher than pressured water? We tend to powerfully believe that snow foam may be a product for each detailer, from the enthusiast to the skilled. Snow foams contain surfactants and specialized cleaners that create foam; this successively works against dirt and dirt, degreasing and lifting contamination far from the paintwork to minimize swirls, scratches and marring.


Snow Foam best used via a snow foam lance. It’s necessary that you simply get the dilution quantitative relation correct, you have got in contact in mind that employing a lance can pushes water into the diluted product already within the bottle. As a rule we tend to continuously inform add an in. of snow foam into very cheap of your snow foam lance.

Attach the lance to your pressure washer and start to hide the vehicle top to bottom. Snow foam also can be used on wheels and arches. Snow foam will get into all of these arduous to succeed in areas which will be difficult employing a mitt.

Snow foam lances work as a syphon, water gets force through the jet and also the snow foam resolution in mixed into it. The mixture is then knowledgeable a series on mesh insets that agitates the answer into a foam. On the highest of the snow foam lance you’ll alter the foam/water quantitative relation; you’ll then alter the thickness of the froth consequently. Some individuals’ sort of a foam that’s terribly thick and clings to the vehicle, alternative like a agent foam and pull dirt far from the paint work.