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The Foam Cannon provides you slightly less car wash system in your own driveway. Attach the Cannon to your pressure washer and wash your automobile with thick, clinging foam. Best thing about foam cannon is that you have to spray the soap onto your vehicle, so that you are not touching and rubbing dirt and abrasives against the paint whereas you manually apply the shampoo. The foam Cannon minimizes physical contact with the vehicle to reduce wash-induced swirls on your clear coat.

Foam Cannon

If you want to give a touch of professional process for your car washing then, look no more than the foam Cannon. The work of the cannon is to use foam before you start washing your car. The foam is thick and if you apply it from the highest of the car and down, lots of the dirt that’s on your vehicle ought to roll away with it. Then, once you get to really wash your vehicle, you’ll not be employing a sponge to pull dirt around in a circle whereas you wash. You’ll find yourself with fewer streaks and reduce the potential scratches which will come back besides dragging dirt around in your wash rag or sponge.

The Foam Cannon produces constant thick foam that it clings to the vehicle, providing the right lubrication to assist you safely washes your vehicle. This can facilitate with properly wash your vehicle and not cause swirls. the most advantages to the Cannon is that you just will coat the vehicle with thick, down like foam and let the soap do the work of loosening the dirt, and grime! If your vehicle simply contains a layer of dirt on that or is not very dirty you will not even got to bit the automobile with a wash mitt! Simply pressure washes the froth off the vehicle when it’s done the improvement job for you!

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