Edgeless Towel for High Quality Car Care

An Edgeless towel has wide range of benefits. Have a look into its positive aspects before coming into any conclusion.


Simple to maintain:

Simply rinse and reuse one hundred’s of times. Desktop washable without bleach or material softener. Where ever you will make it dry every time it seems to look like new after each wash. Will not mold or mildew.

Safe on all forms

As this edgeless towel is safe on every surface, it will not damage any finishes! The towel is known for its convenient instructional materials: with easy to use water in a spray bottle or dampen a component of the oversized towel for powerful cleansing motion, then polish and buff to a shine with the dry subject of the cleaning cloth for a naturally ecofriendly inexperienced answer that is non-toxic and dependable for children and pets. Compatible to provide streak-free shine.

Long lasting & multi-rationale

The pleasant top rate grade oversize microfiber edgeless towel is also excellent for effortlessly cleaning all features of your bike and car. Absorb liquid spills and during cleaning the hard dust don’t allow to scratch. The cloth will slash hard water spots within the shower. Zap dirt in vehicles, trucks, boat, ATV, motorcycles, RV, aircraft and extra.

Save Time & Money

Get rid of harsh, unsafe chemical compounds and stop utilizing wasteful rolls of normal paper towels or chemical-filled wipes. This polishing cloth leaves no scratches, lint, streaks, swirls, or spots to your lovable vehicles. Every generously over-sized towel is designed to hold your palms from touching the polished surfaces and for maximum absorbency. Completed with long lasting stitched defense edging to avert scratching and fraying.