Utilization of Grit Guard for Car Washing

A grit guard is a plastic circular grid kind insert that sits at the bottom your wash bucket. it’s four fins on its bottom which implies that once inserted it sits about an inch up from the bottom of the bucket. The reason you ought to use one is simple; to help minimize the number of dirt and grit particles being drawn over your cars paintwork during washing as these particles will cause scratches and swirl marks.


Using a grit guard helps to clean your wash implement whenever you dip it into your bucket before reapplying it onto the surface of your automobile. When after cleaning every section you dip your wash implement into the bucket to reload it with cleaner water and at constant time gently rub it across the surface of the grit guard. this enables any little particles of dirt and grit that are picked up from the automobile to be free into very cheap of the bucket below the grit guard and safely far from the wash implement guaranteeing that they’ll not be picked up and redeposited onto the surface of your paintwork.

The fins on the bottom of a grit guard additionally facilitate to separate up the water at very cheap of the bucket into four sections that keeps it calm and still. This suggests that each time your wash implement is swaybacked in and stirred around, the deposited dirt and grit particles don’t seem to be disturbed and stay safely at very cheap of the bucket.

If a grit guard isn’t utilized in your wash bucket it implies that whenever you dip your wash implement in before cleansing another panel, any dirt and ¬†grit particles that are antecedently free are going to be swilled around and picked up by the implement so redeposited onto your automobile leading to more light scratches and swirl marks.