Foam Cannon is Better Car Washer

Pressure washers are till now amazing invention to clean your car. Best thing about these washers is that they are able to clean areas in minutes that would otherwise take hours for you. However, sometimes, even the best pressure washer can come up short because it does not have the capacity to clean the greasy spots with soap in the driveway or to give your vehicle a good washing. If you are facing a problem in dealing with, you simply have to find the best foam cannon for your particular electric pressure washer and what you plan to use. The thing is, before you run out and purchase a foam cannon, there are a few things you should consider, such as whether you are buying the one you want.


The differences between Foam Gun and a Foam Cannon

Though these two things seems similar but are very different in its utilization; even if their job is the same. One of the main differences is the way you are going to use them. A foam gun is designed for regular garden hose whereas the foam cannon is designed to be used with a pressure washer. A foam gun will not work when you are going to attach it with a different pressure washer. The same can be done with a foam canon. You will definitely going to receive your result with foam canon only.

About Foam Cannon

Most of the time, people use foam cannon to wash their vehicle with their pressure washer because a pressurized washer can knock dirt off better than a standard garden hose. However, if you enjoy having a car that is even cleaner than what a pressure washer can do, then you need a foam cannon.

The job of the cannon is to apply a foam before you begin washing your car. The foam is thick and if you apply it from the top of the car and down, a lot of the dirt that is on your car should roll away with it. Then, when you get to actually wash your vehicle, you will not be using a sponge in circles while you wash. You will end up with less streaks and lessen the potential scratches that may come along with dragging dirt around in your wash rag or sponge.

With the foam gun pressure washer, you may eliminate most of the dirt, but removing most does not mean you will remove as much dirt as you could. The foam cannon, when used as a pre-soak, can easily eliminate more of the dirt. It even removes those stuff that you cannot see easily and if you purchase the accurate soap or detergent, it will also help to protect your vehicle paint during soaking. You must discover the right pressure washer foam cannon for your machine.