Eco-Friendly Snow Foam Lance

Snow foam lances are among those bestselling car wash products, which are known for their quality design and fittings. By connecting with a pressure washer the lances render car cleaning fun and more outstandingly minimize the risk of swirls and scratches often caused during the wash process. Made from a solid brass body and a stainless steel nozzle it delivers quality foaming which feels satisfyingly solid. The lance provides a wide range of connector attachments for your pressure washer, like the Karcher, Bosch, and Kranzle. Snow foam lance transforms your pressure washer to a former. Snow foam lance works in conjunction with a pressure washer thus generating a flood of foam that covers your vehicle in no time. And with the help of this high power foam gun, you are guaranteed for a fast, easy and fun way to wash your vehicle. The lance comes with a manual for ensuring that you follow proper maintenance steps for its best performance. The makers of lance have surely kept in mind economics by assuring total product exploitation. Also, the lance allows you to change its spray pattern using the valve. Additionally, you can select from a variety of adaptors that the snow foam lance comes with so that it fits right with any stainless steel pipe you are going to use. The flurry of foam formed when the snow foam lance is used with a pressure washer offers efficient car wash. This is because the wash process uses very minimal volumes of water for a full vehicle wash. This is put into effect with the high-pressure washer thus making snow foam lance entirely eco-friendly.

The snow foam lance mix is transferred through a pick up pipe on the bottle and forced through the hard wearing brass, steel and plastic lance at a high pressure to create a thick binding foam that not only breaks down the grime but actually suspends it in the foam so it can gradually drip down without pressured contact on the paintwork. The reason professional detailers recommend this sort of pre-wash treatment is because if you were to skip straight to a shampoo with a wash mitt you will be agitating all the abrasive particles of dirt on your paint causing swirls and scratches that are costly to fix with a machine polisher. Keeping the paint clean is essential for stopping rust and degradation of the quality and the lower the quality the lower the cars value when you go to trade it in. There are lots of different brands and styles of pressure washer and snow foam lance to fit almost all of them so if you don’t see yours on the list we may be able to order it.